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What Physicians Want From Their EHRs

Optimize Their EMR
Optimize Their EMR

Physician satisfaction with electronic health records is at a tipping point. While there is a strong trend toward the adoption of EHRs – approximately 72 percent of healthcare providers are currently using them – numerous studies show that the majority of Physicians are dissatisfied.

One such study by RAND and the American Medical Association showed that the overwhelming majority of Physician respondents feel that EHRs have decreased their professional satisfaction in multiple ways. A similar study by MPI Group and Medical Economics revealed that 70 percent of Physician respondents feel that EHRs “have not been worth it.”

With access to over 1 million Physicians nationwide, Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS) conducted its own survey of Physician satisfaction with EHRs. What we discovered simultaneously supports previous studies and also points to tremendous opportunities for EHR vendors.

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