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The Path to Healthcare Interoperability Standards


I’ve been thinking a lot about the issues associated with healthcare interoperability. One of the biggest excuses/problems out there is the idea of interoperability standards. Healthcare certainly has plenty of interoperability standards, but adoption and implementation of the actual standards has been the major issue.

I do think that meaningful use and EHR certification is making some difference in regards to standards. I think that Direct Project is likely going to become a pretty solid standard for exchanging some healthcare documents. However, it’s limited in it’s scope.

Instead, I think we’re going to see a different path to healthcare interoperability. It’s going to be led by a few prominent organizations that start sharing info. Once those organizations start sharing data, whatever standard they use will start to spread and will become the standard for interoperability in healthcare.

Which organization or group of organizations will be the ones that break out and establish the standard? I still think the jury is out on that one, but a couple prime candidates are: CommonWell and Healtheway.

I’d love to hear if you see another path to healthcare interoperability or other initiatives that could break through and be successful.


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