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NetDirector Integrates With Connect(x) EHR

Assessing Innovations in Digital Healthcare
Assessing Innovations in Digital Healthcare

NetDirector is now integrated with Chart(X) EHR by Connect(X) Healthware. Any healthcare provider currently using their EHR has an instant connection to NetDirector, so that they can easily start exchanging data with other providers and vendors within the ecosystem. Initial integration will allow Connect(x) users to send/receive numerous types of clinical or billing transactions including HL7 (i.e.: ORU, ORM and ADT) and custom configured.

NetDirector’s HealthData Exchange streamlines interoperability for healthcare providers and vendors. The system only requires a customer to integrate to it once to gain access to an entire ecosystem of healthcare trading partners including other EHRs/EMRs, billing, labs, pharmacies, government registries and more. The many benefits of this solution include reduction in overhead and IT resources, productivity improvements, increased bottom line, increased interoperability between healthcare providers and vendors and finally, arguably the most important of all, better patient care.

“We are looking forward to working with Connect(x) physician clients and their provider network,” commented Harry Beisswenger, CEO of NetDirector. “As their community of providers continues to expand – our HealthData Exchange will increase in value to other healthcare providers and vendors.”

Connect(x) Healthware, a leading integrated technology solutions provider, has decades of experience managing the business and clinical workflow in medical operations utilizing their Meaningful Use Certified EHR, Chart(x) 3.0. It is a web-based EHR complete with medical imaging capabilities (PACS), medical billing functions, as well as a host of staffing management and QA tools. Their cost effective solutions help streamline medical operations of all types.

Connect(x) CIO Robert Johnson stated, “It was a great experience working with NetDirector. Their HealthData Exchange solution will help change the landscape of Health IT for years to come. We look forward to helping Healthcare providers and physicians achieve interoperability through the use of this cloud-based data exchange.”

NetDirector offers multiple partner options to Healthcare vendors to work with them in expanding their network. Vendors can compare partner options at Each partner type comes with its own benefits based on the vendor’s services. All partners get a one-time integration to NetDirector for re-use, with reduced fees and the ability to increase their bottom line.


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