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Medical Direct Care Selects iPatientCare EHR

iPatientCare Announces Welcoming Migration Opportunities to ClinixMD
iPatientCare Announces Welcoming Migration Opportunities to ClinixMD

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR, Integrated Practice Management and Patient Engagement Solutions, today announced its selection as the EHR after rigorous evaluation from Medical Direct Care, Clarksville, TN.

iPatientCare is one of the most admired EHR among the physicians because of its ease-of-use, customizable workflow and templates, and agile and prompt support, and because it is very affordable to switch from any other EHR. Medical Direct Care is committed to its patients obtaining and maintaining optimal, total health, and for meeting its mission, believes in delivering prompt and efficient medical care that meets the highest standards. Medical Direct Care, led by Gregory Fryer, MD, provides valuable services such as CDL examinations, Chronic disease prevention and treatment, Health maintenance and wellness exams, cosmetic procedures, punch biopsies, mole removal etc.

Switching from one EHR to another means costs, down-time and retraining of the practice staff. However, Medical Direct Care was determined to deliver the highest standard of care and pursued its search for finding the one which meets its needs.
“iPatientCare treats every single request for information from any prospective customer with as much importance as it is a support request from an iPatientCare customer. We followed the same process of showing whatever the evaluation committee desired to see and feel and experience with iPatientCare’s product and services suite. I was ecstatic when I got the confirmation from them that we will be serving them as our valued customers moving forward,” said Harsh Thakur, Application Specialist, iPatientCare.

“We selected iPatientCare based upon the needs and structure of Medical Direct Care,” commented Erien W. Fryer, Office Manager, Medical Direct Care, PLC, Total Health and Wellness Family Medical Clinic, Clarksville, TN.

About iPatientCare:

iPatientCare, Inc. is a privately held medical informatics company based at Woodbridge, New Jersey. The company is known for its pioneering contribution to mHealth and Cloud based unified product suite that include Electronic Health/Medical Record and integrated Practice Management/Billing System, Patient Portal/PHR, Health Information Exchange (HIE), and mobile point-of-care solutions that serve the ambulatory, acute/sub acute, emergency and home health market segments.

iPatientCare EHR 2014 (2.0) has received 2014 Edition Ambulatory Complete EHR certification by ICSA Labs, an Office of the National Coordinator-Authorized Certification Body (ONC-ACB), in accordance with the applicable eligible professional certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Full certification details can be found at ONC Certified Health IT Product List.

The ONC 2014 Edition criteria support both Stage 1 and 2 Meaningful Use measures required to qualify eligible providers and hospitals for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

The company has won numerous awards for its EHR technology and is recognized as an innovator in the field, being a pioneer to offer an EHR technology on a handheld device, an innovative First Responder technology to the US Army for its Theatre Medical Information System, and the first to offer a Cloud based EHR product. iPatientCare is recognized as one of the best EHR and Integrated PM System for small and medium sized physicians’ offices; has been awarded most number of industry Awards; and has been recognized as a preferred/MU partner by numerous Regional Extension Centers (REC), hospitals/health systems, and academies.


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