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Mar 14: Care coordination platform helps physicians access patient data for remote consults

A health IT company has developed a care coordination platform to help physicians access patient information remotely and improve communication with care teams. It is also changing how data can be extracted from electronic medical records regardless of the vendor by gradually signing agreements with them.

Zoeticx has layers of applications that founder and CEO Thanh Tran peels back for me in a phone interview and demo.

One is a messaging system designed to avoid communication errors. It provides notification, tracking,  escalation alerts and clinical handoffs.

A patient dashboard replaces the nurse’s flow sheet in critical care environments so users can navigate through the patient’s clinical status with one tap.

 It also lets users view patients’ medical information and health history regardless of the electronic medical record vendor and without the risks of data duplication. So far it can access data from Epic, Cerner, Allscripts and the government’s EMR — OpenVistA.

The cloud-based platform also gives users an audit trail so changes to patients health and interventions can be reviewed in context.

“Our vision is for the platform to act like a data switch in healthcare,” said Tran. At one stage in the demo, he signs on as a nurse during a night shift. If a physician needs to do a consult or view the patient’s information at a remote location, the nurse on site can share her screen with the doctor. Users can also view images such as X-rays through the too.

The idea is to improve workflow to reduce the medical errors that can happen, particularly with shift changes.

The software’s ability to retrieve information from different electronic medical record companies vendor agnostic is valuable but as John Lynn observes, an API that EMR vendors could access would make it easier for many more to work with Zoeticx.

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