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Less disruption, please! EHR-agnostics, actionable medical information flow

Optimize Their EMR
Optimize Their EMR

Summary :

Healthcare has gone through disruptive cycles with EHR deployment, care providers training, change from paper to electronic environment. The transition has been less than perfect with challenges such as EHR interoperability has pushed more disruption to care providers workflow, leading to a potential decline of care quality. Dr. Don Voltz discusses the challenges as well as the solutions offered by Zoeticx.

In detailed:

EMR solutions have transformed how we record patient medical data. Innovative technology with automation is required to enhance these systems capable of providing proactive information flow with smart notification and collaboration. Zoeticx focus is improving quality care, reducing risks of medical errors and better utilization of critical resources.

In this recorded presentation, Dr. Don Voltz brings a real case scenario and discusses how a proactive, actionable patient medical information flow transforms a passive healthcare IT environment focusing on medical recording into an active one, where ‘the right information get to the right care providers, at the right time for the best patient outcome’. Zoeticx Patient-Clarity platform and Care product suite are designed with such capability in an EHR-agnostics environment.

Dr. Don Voltz has given this presentation at ACE 2014 – Chicago.

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