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Latest Technological Innovations in Dental Care


Technology is changing just about every industry you can think of at a rapid rate. The medical and dental fields in particular are benefiting from advancements in technology significantly; procedures are being made faster, safer and more successful – which is good news for patients! Whether you’ve been meaning to book an appointment, or are simply looking for the best London dentist around, we’ve taken a look at the latest innovations that are making a trip to the dentist that much better.

Digital X-rays

In 2016, 22.2 million patients in England were seen by an NHS dentist, which is over half of the adult population. Of these patients, it’s likely a large proportion needed an X-ray. X-rays are used to identify jaw and bone structure problems, among other conditions. Digital X-rays are not a new technology but they’ve only recently been adopted in mainstream dental care, and the benefits are endless. They’re faster and more efficient than the traditional radiographs and they also provide a much lower dose of radiation to patients, making them far safer.

Laser Detection

In the past, dentists relied upon a small metal tool to find cavities. Now, many dentists are using the latest laser technology to do this job instead. The laser can highlight areas where the enamel may be decaying far more clearly, allowing dentists to take appropriate action before it’s too late. The way laser detection works is simple; when decaying teeth are exposed to the wavelength of the diode laser they glow, whereas healthy teeth don’t. This makes it clear for dentists to identify decaying teeth. The technology isn’t 100% effective, as the diode laser won’t typically work with teeth that have already got fillings.

Better Bonding

The materials used to bond and fill teeth have dramatically improved in quality over the years. Today, resin (a type of plastic) is used to fix chipped teeth, dentists apply layers of the material to help repair it. It’s shiner, more natural looking and far more durable than alternatives which were used in the past. You can even get resin in varying shades, meaning a match can be made as naturally as possible.

Long Lasting Implants

It’s become fairly common for people to have implants to replace their missing teeth. After all, we do live in a very image-conscious society! This process is quite technical and can be painful, which is why no patient wants to go through an unsuccessful implant. Fortunately, technology has made dental implants far more likely to work. A titanium implant, which is similar to a screw, is put in place to work as a root for the new tooth. This has to fuse with the jawbone before a replacement tooth can be added. As you can imagine, going through the process more than once is less than ideal. The typical lifetime of an implant has been extended dramatically, thanks to new materials and greater understanding, with a single implant lasting 15 years on average. According to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, almost 95% of dental implants are successful today!

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