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Items to Ease Patients during Appointments


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A trip to the dentist involves some sort of trepidation. The image of a sterile room comes into play, while a dentist with a creepy grin lingers in the corridor. Of course, that’s not the case. That visual is thanks to pop culture. Nowadays medical practices have a multitude of ways to ease patients during the beginning and end of their appointment. Especially dentists, who have a stigma, due to the fact they jab pointy objects into your mouth.

Practice mixed with Technology

Technology eases the anxiety of any person, in a sense. Going on their phones, listening to music, reading a book on their E-reader. Dentists have gotten the hint and have constructed a mount that can house their patients’ technology. The Molar Media Mount is a perfect example of this mesh of practice and relaxation. It’s unlike any other mount used in any dentist’s office. It has a light on this crane-like fixture, illuminating the patient’s face. However, above the light is where one can place their phone, iPad even. While the patient is lying down they can watch their favorite show, while the dentist works on them. The patient’s mind can wander, their focus elsewhere, putting both them and their doctor at ease.

Soothing Scents

Soothing scents can enhance this calm atmosphere. Imagine, entering a room, the dentist’s chair is smack dab in the middle of the space, but you get a whiff of lavender. Of course, that doesn’t mean to place candles all over the room, which can create some sort of hazard. A plug-in providing the soothing aroma is a great alternative. Lavender is synonymous with stress relief. Inhaling the scent can “produce slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects.”       If anything it provides and sense of home, reassurance of what’s to come.

Play Area

A main source of stress for many patients stems from what’s going to happen to their children at the doctor’s office. At times, patients are unable to provide care for their kids during an appointment and must bring them along. In order for this not to be an issue, set up a play area for the little ones. That area should be stocked with all types of toys in order to maintain their attention and overall interest. The play area should be safe and someone manning the front of the office should be aware of the area. There should be attention on the kids, in order to ensure their parents that they are safe and can proceed with their consultation. Types of toys to keep in the play area are:

  • Activity Centers
  • Tabletop Toys
  • Play Cubes
  • Coloring Books
  • Wall Activity Panels

How to Deliver a Diagnosis

At times, the thought of what comes after the appointment can trigger anxiety. It’s the diagnosis, what are you doing wrong, what can you do to fix it. Sometimes a verbal explanation coming from a dentist can amp up the stress. Delivery is key. The delivery can be aided with the help of CASEY, which is a video-based patient education. The doctor can show a video presentation with 3D images, not gruesome in any sense. The 3D image can illustrate the diagnosis, as a visual aid, so the patient can get a better understanding. It’s as if they’re getting confirmation from another specialist.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

            A dentist should put themselves in the shoes of their patients. What can be a cause of stress? Is it all the medical tools spread on top of that small metal table? Can it be the interior of your office? These are things to consider. Seeing pointy medical instruments can cause someone to have stress, so it’s best to keep those in a secure, hidden, place. Once the patient is settled, take them out. Also, office interior should be soothing, free. It should have the air of care and a sense of reassurance.

Any of these items and tips can put any patient at ease. They can focus on themselves and the fact that this medical adventure is for their wellbeing. It also helps to have a mount that has the ability to hold their phone or tablet. They can watch their favorite show, read up on some e-mails, and have a conference call to top it off.

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