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How The Healthcare Industry Is Being Revolutionized By Big Data


Exclusive Article by Lindsey Patterson at EMRIndustry

In the last decade, there has been an increase in the amount of data we collect and generate in like everything that we do, and that we all can use technology to analyze the data and understand it. The intersection of the trends is what is referred as “big data,” and it’s assisting so any companies in becoming more efficient and productive. The healthcare industry is no different. Beyond using of big data in improving or cutting down on the wasted overhead, it’s being used to cure diseases, change the quality of life, predict future epidemics and avoid deaths that are preventable.

The world population is increasing, and people are living longer, the models of treatments are changing rapidly, and the decision behind these changes most of them is because of data. The thing that’s driving people to understands as much as one can about a patient, in their early life as possible. The hopes that any signs of illness will be picked at an early stage because that will make treatment less expensive and simple, than if it was picked at a much later stage. So before taking that journey of learning how healthcare is being changed by big data let’s start in the beginning.

The change in the healthcare industry

Consumer goods like smartphones were just the beginning. Providing apps that would enable patients to monitor their health changes. So many people all over the world are using mobile technology so that it will enable us to live a healthier life. In the new future, the information gotten from the apps will be shared with the doctors, and they will use it as part of the diagnostic toolbox if you ever visit sick. That’s the reason why data entry is appealing when it comes to healthcare because with predictive analytics pre existing data will make room for the information to be extracted so that to determine if there are any future trend and patterns.

After the new data has been corrected, it will encourage patients to live a healthier lifestyle. The above kind of work has begun taking place following partnership that recently occurred between Apple and IBM. In the partnership, when it was created the focus was an enterprise, but since then it has spread across apples tracking of the date through users phones and watches, and they can share them with IBM’s Watson computer. After the information has been shared into the Watson, it will enable the computer to create the database about the user’s health information.

Clinical data and big data

Once the doctor checks you out and decide the only way to cure the ailment that you have is by medicine, the most likely thing is that use of big data has designed the pills that you are going to be given. The massive amount of data given will allow the researchers to come up with the best. Recently, there has been a breakthrough of discoveries because of the data sharing arrangements like discovering that the desipramine that was commonly used as an antidepressant, can be able to cure types of lung cancer. The research was carried by Stanford studies that provide the information how desipramine was able to heal the specific type of cancer.

Another hot thing that big data has caused is the personalized medicines that are tailored in a way that it will be able to make medicine for a person from their unique genetic makeup. The healthcare industry has not fully adapted to the big data and analytics, but they are on the way, there is potential for change. Currently, big data has been able to change and grow in sports, finance and marketing but healthcare is being left behind.asp As long as there are the security and privacy, it’s okay to allow big data to play the role of creating new developments and grow our understanding of how our body works.

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