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How Technology Is Transforming Healthcare


Technology is finding a way to improve procedures and outcomes in every single industry. When it comes to the healthcare industry, procedures are often crucial and can determine whether somebody lives or dies. The fact that our lives are in the hands of another is scary but, with the support of innovative technology, we have nothing to fear. Since medication methods began advancing, progress has been growing rapidly; from fitness apps to digital nutrition programmes, there seems to be nothing technology can’t do when it comes to healthcare. Here are just some of the ways technology is changing the healthcare sector.

We Are Receiving Faster Diagnosis

Several decades ago, a lot of diagnoses were made based on pure guess work, and it wasn’t rare that people received the completely wrong diagnosis for the illness that they had. In present day, we have very advanced software and programs that can assist a doctor with making his or her diagnosis. Technology used within the medical industry can extract an array of vital information from the ill patient, including DNA, genome data and viral information all from inside the body. With a faster, more accurate diagnosis, doctors are able to supply the patient with the correct treatment, and in the long-run, this will save the healthcare industry a lot of money. Instead of needing to carry out numerous medical tests, a patient can be diagnosed with one thanks to technological advances.

We Can Care For Ourselves Without a Doctor

You know that huge app store that you can locate on your smartphone? It’s extremely helpful when it comes to healthcare. In today’s economy, with the NHS under so much pressure, booking a doctor’s appointment can often be fruitless, it’s difficult to arrange appointments and there’s usually a long waiting list when you can book one. If you’re concerned about your wellbeing, that just won’t cut it. There are over 160,000 apps available in today’s market, all covering health conditions as well as diet monitoring. With apps in the healthcare industry, individuals can care for themselves, providing that the information comes from a reliable source. That way, you can treat your own illness or create your own health plan without the presence of a doctor.

There’s a Better Understanding of Human Anatomy

Many centuries ago, the process of finding out about the human anatomy was very gruesome, so I’ll spare you the details! Nowadays, technology has allowed us to gain a proper understanding about how the human body is structured and how it works. Take x-rays for example; as they’ve been around for quite a while now they don’t seem so impressive, but without them we’d be none the wiser about bone structure! When it comes to mental healthcare, we’ve learnt so much about the brain in recent years, too. With fMRI’s and EEG’s, we can uncover why humans act in a certain way, further helping diagnoses to be made.

Trends Can Be Predicted

With the introduction of technology within the healthcare industry, all patient data can be stored into a data set. If a specific illness seems to be appearing within the data frequently, doctors can conduct further research to find out whether there could be an outbreak within the community. This also links into search engines such as Google, as they can determine how many times and illness is being searched for. Using this information, medical professionals can add two and two together and discover if there is an epidemic in the mists.

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