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How Technology Has Improved The Cosmetic Surgery Industry


As we know, cosmetic surgery could be a medical requirement or a personal choice to enhance appearance, but either way, there’s no denying that the cosmetic surgery industry has evolved and improved over the years. So much so that today you can have various cosmetic surgery treatments performed with minimum signs of scarring – if any at all! Here, we’re taking a look at exactly how technology has improved the cosmetic surgery industry, and how undergoing anything from a hair transplant turkey to a facelift has become the norm.

Computer-Assisted Imaging

Computer-assisted imaging has been – and is – one of the most prominent advancements, not only in the cosmetic surgery industry, but in the healthcare industry as a whole. Computer-assisted imaging enables surgeons to identify the exact specifications, helping ensure that the results perfectly align with the patient’s wants and needs. Due to this, today, high-quality results are easily achievable, and various reconstructive surgeries can be predicted in a more efficient manner. This is particularly true in plastic surgery.

Laser Procedures

The introduction of lasers to cosmetic surgery remains as one of the more influential innovations that the industry has seen, and it’s not difficult to see just why it has become so popular over the years. For starters, laser surgery is a much more precise way of removing outer layers of skin, with the ability to fix enlarged pores and brown spots. With the power to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and forehead creasing, laser surgery stands out as one of the safest cosmetic surgery techniques.

Tissue Engineering Is Better Understood

Today, effective procedures are no longer a thing of the future. Ground-breaking advancements in tissue engineering have truly revolutionised the cosmetic surgery industry and has significantly improved the success of procedures. Despite what many are thought to believe, tissues haven’t always been able to ‘take’ to a new area as easily and quickly as they do now. As we continue to learn more about tissue engineering, who knows what type of revolutionary information could transform the cosmetic industry next?

Micro-Surgery Is The New Norm

Surgeons across the world have been seeking new ways to improve plastic surgery and minimise scarring where possible for years, and today, we finally have the answer – micro-surgery. Micro-surgical procedures often involve tiny incisions and even tinier devices that leave next to no visible scarring. Endoscopic facelifts are just one example of the handful of surgeries that have been created as a result of these impressive advancements. Instead of scarring cuts stretching from your temples to behind your ears, smaller incisions are made on your temple and scalp. From here, an endoscope is used to complete the facelift. As a minimally invasive surgery, it’s no wonder an increasing number of men and women are opting for micro-surgery.

As the cosmetic surgery industry continues to develop and the market continues to grow, it’s likely that more technological advancements will be discovered, tried and tested. Whilst we are unable to predict what advancement will be discovered next, results are better and more natural-looking than ever before. What do you think?

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