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HealthInfoNet operates Maine’s statewide HIE, a secure, standardized electronic system

data normalization
data normalization

HealthInfoNet operates Maine’s statewide health information exchange (HIE), a secure, standardized electronic system where healthcare providers can share important patient health information for treatment purposes. Based in Portland, HealthInfoNet is an independent, non-profit organization that is funded by charitable foundations, healthcare providers in the state, and the state and federal governments.

HealthInfoNet also serves as the Regional Extension Center (REC) for Maine. The REC assists providers across the state with the adoption of electronic medical records and HIE. Core objectives of the REC are to drive down cost of investment in interoperable EMR; help providers successfully implement and optimize EMRs in conjunction with Meaningful Use criteria; and deliver interoperability between individual EMR implementations and the HIE. HealthInfoNet is also a partner in the Bangor Beacon Community, supporting HIE for all Beacon providers.


Prior to the development of HealthInfoNet, most patient clinical information in Maine was stored in paper-based medical records or non-connected, hospital-specific electronic systems. The records were difficult for providers to access and share across unaffiliated organizations, particularly when they were needed for emergency situations. Paper records also made it difficult to monitor and respond rapidly to public health events to protect the population from emerging public health threats.

HealthInfoNet was created to develop, promote and sustain an integrated, secure and reliable regional information network dedicated to delivering authorized, rapid access to patient healthcare information across points of care. The ultimate goals of the HIE were to enable healthcare organizations to:

  • Improve patient safety
  • Enhance quality of clinical care
  • Increase clinical and administrative efficiency
  • Reduce duplication of services
  • Better identify threats to public health
  • Expand consumers’ access to their own personal healthcare information


HealthInfoNet relies on Orion Health HIE as its technology backbone. Orion Health HIE enables the easy and secure exchange of clinical data within and between organizations, ensuring all clinicians have access to relevant and accurate patient information, regardless of where care was provided within the HealthInfoNet system. The HIE solution offers a collection of components featuring an integration engine, enterprise master patient index (EMPI), physician and patient portals, data repository, customizable notifications, provider index, and analytical and quality reporting tools that provide a foundation for care and disease management solutions. Orion Health HIE enhances clinical workflow and enables participating organizations to improve care coordination and quality of care, and meet Meaningful Use requirements.

With Orion Health HIE, HealthInfoNet combines patient data from separate healthcare sites to create a single electronic patient health record. Patient health information is automatically uploaded from a provider’s EMR system, and then Orion Health HIE standardizes and aggregates the information across care sites. The platform also allows HealthInfoNet to automate the reporting of various illnesses and conditions to public health experts at the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The HIE provides clinicians with a comprehensive record of health information for each patient, including:

  • Patient Identifier, demographic information, insurer
  • Vital signs
  • Encounter History
  • Laboratory and Microbiology Results
  • Radiology Reports
  • Adverse Reactions and Allergies
  • Medication History
  • Diagnoses, Conditions and Problems (primary and secondary)
  • Immunizations
  • Dictated and Transcribed Documents
  • Continuity of Care Document


HealthInfoNet has hit a number of notable adoption milestones. More than 1.1 million patients are enrolled in the HIE, accounting for 83 percent of Maine’s population. HealthInfoNet has connected 32 of the state’s 38 acute care hospitals and close to 400 ambulatory practices. Thirty five percent of patients enrolled in the HIE have information from two or more healthcare organizations available via the network. More than 700 clinicians and care staff have secure access to the system.

With Orion Health HIE, HealthInfoNet offers caregivers a comprehensive medical record for nearly every patient they see. Maine’s HIE saves time, reduces administrative costs, facilitates more informed treatment decision-making, and leads to improved care coordination, quality of care and health outcomes. As the HIE has grown, Maine providers have consistently praised HealthInfoNet and the services it provides, saying it:

  • Is more efficient – Automated sharing of information, less paperwork, reduced time to access clinical information at the point of care, fewer repeat tests and procedures
  • Results in more informed treatment decisions – A more complete and up-to-date patient medical record, including information from all a patient’s participating health care providers
  • Leads to healthier patients – Fewer medical errors, improved patient safety, improved continuity of care and better patient outcomes


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