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Healthcare Technology and Addiction

DennisHung_e cigarrette smoking addiction drug
DennisHung_e cigarrette smoking addiction drug

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Healthcare Technology and Addiction

Tobacco consumption is considered to be one of the major preventable causes of death globally, and especially in developed communities. Cigarette smoking has its consequences such as cancer, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular disease. For these reasons, healthcare looks towards interventions on smoking cessation to avoid such complications. Healthcare now incorporates technology as an alternative to curb the addiction and harm caused by tobacco intake.

Technology Applied to Curb Tobacco Addiction

A study conducted indicated that in Brazil, by the year 2008, about 17.5% of the population aged 15 years and above either smoked cigarettes or used other tobacco products. Statistically, this number comes to about 25.5 million individuals. Moreover, of all the smokers that attempt to quit, it’s just about 3-5% that can quit. Healthcare, therefore, sees the need to include technology that can tame the addiction.

Interventions using Mobile Phones and Applications

Interventions that utilize cellular phones are mostly done via text messages and are slowly being integrated into smartphones. Research and studies have shown that text messages could be one of the ways to aid in smoking cessation. By sending a text message to the users, it is possible to support especially the young people from using tobacco derivatives. The youth are the main target of this mode of intervention because it is appropriate, affordable, and is also personalized.

Smartphone applications have been built to support smoking cessation. Currently, there are about 400 smoking cessation apps for both Android and iPhone. Smartphones are owned by a majority of the people (smokers), and they prove to be an efficient tool for intervention. The apps can allow for standard intervention programs that can be helpful in controlling tobacco addiction.

E-cigarettes, A Way to Manage Nicotine Addiction

Electronic cigarettes have now become an efficient way that healthcare utilizes to manage nicotine addiction. E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices, and they are an alternative to smoking of tobacco. These cigarettes usually heat an e liquid or other additives, including nicotine, which then produces a vapor that can be inhaled.

The Electronic cigarettes are unique and unlike normal cigarettes because; they do not use tobacco, they do not produce any smoke whatsoever, nor do they burn any material. These products are a different alternative that smokers use to help control their tobacco addiction.

The use of E-cigarettes is rapidly growing, and this is a good indication that it is an effective tool that healthcare should implement so as to prevent the occurrence of tobacco-related complications. For instance; the number of electronic cigarettes users in the UK increased from 400,000 in 2010 to about 2.6 million in 2015. These have proved to be the most preferred option for individuals trying to control their tobacco intake.

Telephone Interventions

There are phone lines referred to as quitlines, and the aid they usually give is generic. Initially, they were developed in both Europe and the USA to help control the smoking habits of individuals. The telephones are used to collect information about the user, and to issue instructions during the smoking cessation period.

The telephones are effective technology in healthcare because they control addiction by helping the smoker to develop skills, and also give them social support and motivation throughout the cessation process. Furthermore, it is an essential tool that can issue the smokers with information regarding the pharmacologic treatments that are given to control cigarette smoking habits.

These are an efficient healthcare technology that can easily remove the difficulties of face to face interventions. Utilizing this tool has more often than not to reduce the harm caused by the smoking of cigarettes. It is a form of technology that smokers can use to help prevent relapses during the first few months of the smoking cessation process.


Cigarettes comprise of tobacco, which is a great health hazard when consumed, it can even lead to cancer. Healthcare utilizes various technology to guide smokers through cessation as well as providing an alternative to avoid the harm caused by tobacco usage.


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