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EHR Vendor Pricing Analysis

EHR Vendor Pricing
EHR Vendor Pricing

Sean Parker
Health IT Consultant

Purpose of this Document
This document is a white paper on pricing of various EHR vendors.

EHR Vendor Pricing Comparison
With an evidently growing number of EHR users in the HIT market, the vendors providing these EHRs are steadily growing. Setting aside billions as stimulus money, the federal government has given physicians substantial incentives to switch to EHRs. As there are practically more than a 1,000 Electronic Health Record vendors in the market, practices are facing a tough time deciding which vendor to go for. As an  independent consultant, I was commissioned by a well known practice to evaluate EHR vendors in the market. I used primary research methods such as first-hand interviews, telephone interviews and live product demonstrations. Independent research organizations were consulted to compare different EHR vendors. The following EHR vendors were evaluated:

1. Athenahealth
2. eClinicalWorks
3. CureMD
4. Advanced MD
5. NextGen
6. Practice Fusion

I’ll go about this vendor by vendor and guide you through the process I experienced while trying to get a pricing from each vendor.

Source : Download Complete Whitepaper Here


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