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Diagnosing Medical Problems: The Power of Searching Online


Technology is a wonderful thing because it allows us to do things that we were simply unable to do years ago. Self-diagnosis is a great way to use the internet when having a difficult time. The following is some information about diagnosing medical problems and what a tremendous role the internet can play in that endeavor.

What Is Self-Diagnosing

Self-diagnosing is the process of matching up your symptoms with illnesses and ailments that have similar symptoms. In many cases, people who diagnose themselves online end up getting their diagnoses correct.

Benefits of Diagnosing Conditions Online

Many benefits come with diagnosing one’s own condition online. The main benefit of doing such is that the person can go to the doctor already having an idea of what the possible diagnosis is. It can cut down on the need for vigorous efforts by the medical specialist to pinpoint what the problem is.

How Does One Self Diagnose Using the Internet?

A person can take a variety of approaches to self-diagnosing a medical condition. The first step to take when one is conducting a self-diagnosis is to write all of the symptoms down. Creating a long list of such information will help the person to connect with the right ailment. The next step depends on how the person wants to approach looking for a possible diagnosis.

Method One: Keyword Searching

Keyword symptoms searching is a broad way of conducting a search for a diagnosis. An individual can accomplish this by entering keywords and phrases that pertain to the ailments that he or she has. For example, a person can type in “foot odor” or “discolored nails” and discover that nail fungus is the issue. Someone else who has an itchy rash may type the words “itchy red spots” into the search engine and perhaps come up with poison ivy or a skin allergy as a diagnosis. Keyword searching is very effective in pinpointing illnesses in humans and pets.

Symptom Checker System

Another way that one can self-diagnose an illness is by using a symptom checker. A few sites offer a symptom checker for people to use if they are experiencing discomfort. The symptom checker is pretty easy to use, but some sites offer a more comprehensive tool than other sites do. The person can choose from a list of adult symptoms and children’s symptoms to get started. For example, the main symptom may be joint or knee pain and a person would click on that. The symptoms would then switch the page to a list of identifying characteristics, and the user would then place a checkmark by the applicable characteristics. Examples of some of the characteristics include location, accompanying symptoms, and triggers.



After the person goes through the process of writing down these symptoms, the system will return some possible illnesses. The individual can then take a deeper look into the issues and determine the illnesses that best line up with their specific symptoms. The affected person can take that information to the doctor and let him or her know what came up during the self-diagnosis effort.


Wrapping it Up

Now you know of two ways that you can search to try to find out what is ailing you. The beauty of searching online is that you can find a lot of people who are suffering from the same issue as you. These people can share with you their stories and their solutions to the problem. If you are experiencing a “tough to diagnosis” ailment, you can use some of the suggestions above to help yourself.

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