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Apr 04: Making sense of electronic health records


We know that $19B in federal stimulus money was provided to physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to convert patient records in print to electronic systems. And we also know when there are new compliance regulations — there are new vendors offering a variety of products and solutions. Yet, surveys show that as many as 87% of physicians are still dissatisfied with the EHR systems on the market. But one company is changing that by “doctoring-up” their software to be specific to each type of medical practice.

Divan Dave, CEO of OmniMD, a New York State-based healthcare IT company, understands that the “one-size-fits-all” electronic health/medical record system won’t be suitable for every setting. A cardiology practice needs something very different than ob/gyn while a general practice needs something very different than a hematology or nephrology practice. So what is OmniMD doing differently?

“The OmniMD system provides everything a practice needs to automate their workflow,” said Divan Dave who currently has over 12,000 providers and practices as customers. “But our system is more than an electronic medical record software — we are a fully integrated EHR solution that is ONC-ACB Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 Certified. It was built with cloud-computing technology so it provides instant updates, reliable access and the ability to connect online to labs, pharmacies and hospitals for less cost than hardware-based systems.”

Holding two Masters degrees in computer technology and another Masters in chemistry, Divan Dave has been in the forefront of healthcare IT for a long while. “We designed our products to enhance each specialty practice through automation, streamlining patient record documentation, storage and retrieval, all using customized forms and templates designed specifically for the various types of medical practices.”


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