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4 Steps to Ensure Patient Satisfaction

Lutheran Home Care Hospice
Lutheran Home Care Hospice
Patient engagement has been defined as the actions individuals must take to obtain the greatest benefit from the healthcare services available to them. Promising quality of life, innovations in healthcare services, technology and medicine have lead to an enhanced, all-round healthcare industry – paving the way for patient engagement. With the office-based healthcare practice quickly evolving, the government is encouraging practices which use Electronic Health Records (EHRs) by providing them with incentives and penalizing the practices that do not use them. The changing face of the health industry with emerging technologies means higher costs for practices and lesser reimbursements. Care providers hence have immediately cut down their costs by retrenchment or by making cheaper investments, which ultimately has a negative impact on their overall costs since they end up compromising on care quality. This White Paper will elaborate on how Patient Satisfaction can be the best thing for you.

1. Patient Empowerment
2. Ensuring Communication & Collaboration
3. Adoption of Patient Portals
4. Focusing on Patient Safety and Accountability

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